What laws on new Property Valuation will be espoused in 2022

As we said in former papers, statistics show that the demand for casing in new Property Valuation in Kharkov is only growing and with it the pace of construction isincreasing.

In general, it doesn’t drop indeed despite the temporary pause associated with geopoliticalevents.A little latterly, the effect of pent- up demand will work and the request situation will indeed out anyway. This means that the motifs of competent investment in new structures are getting indeed more applicable for people you need to understand the principles by which the request works in order to conclude the most profitable and safe deal with the inventor.

thus, below we tell you what important laws on new structures will be espoused in 2022 and what this will mean for buyers of new parcels. Help for affected investors maybe one of the most important fears that prevents you from buying an apartment in a new structure is the fear that the house won’t be completed and put intooperation.Even in Kharkiv, there were cases of indurating construction.

Property Valuation

The state plans to take on this problem and help those who invested in construction, but didn’t get the asked apartment.To do this, the Kharkiv Regional Administration and other indigenous administrations will collect a list of frozen objects, cover them and help in the completion of construction so that people still get casing.

What objects will be included in such a list
• construction has not moved for two or further times;
• the inventor has delayed the commissioning by two or further times;
• investments of individualities or legal realities were attracted to the construction;
• the structure is classified as construction with medium or high impact.

Real rights to an apartment in a house under construction Last time we wrote about a bill designed to cover those who invest in newbuildings.

And this time he shouldearn.According to the new law, the investor turns into a buyer and formerly at the launch has further rights and protection from thestate.

The most important thing is that he’ll incontinently admit real rights to an apartment in a house under construction.

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