Can Designer Landscapes Soar Property Valuations?

Designer landscapes do indeed add a beauty factor to a property’s overall charisma. It may although sound like very unknown to most owners of real estate properties but the garden in your premises also has the potential for monetary or financial valuations attributed to it. So it is a given that it deserves as much attention as your living room.

There is also a dearth of the available tools or methodologies that assist in determining the financial value of a garden. At present the value of a landscape or a garden can be gauged by what is referred to as ‘comparative’ valuations by many estate agents. If the interior, fixtures, or furniture’s carry a value, so does a garden since it increases the tangible brand of a property. A more supportive methodology to value a garden is by a chartered surveyor who can assist in reaching a fair conclusion regarding the value of a land but not the garden and its decorative content. 

However, the services of a chartered surveyor and the work of a valuer can give a fair estimation on the supposedly reasonable price of a garden landscape. The fair valuations’ of gardens and landscapes actually breeds the brand image of a property which in turn can allow an owner to ask for a healthy price owing to the tangible beauty and the intangible brand value that the property owes.Also, a garden that has had been landscaped will carry a cost of the design for future valuation, along with the cost of construction with labor and materials. Read More :

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This can also be considered by the owner as a guide to reach to valuations of gardens. The landscaper that prepared the particular garden design can also be consulted by the valuer for getting a realistic valuation of the garden. The land cost depending on the average prices, environmental factors, the sustainable factor, and its ecological value factors also play a role in deciding the value of a garden. Healthy property valuations may also emanate from the services of a good garden designer as it can really assist in making the entire outlook of the property highly marketable.

Landscaping as a return for investment sales should get due attention and consideration as it is the entire package of the property that appeals to the purchaser. So grab a licensed property valuations expert who has a fair inclination towards landscaping so as to reap the benefit of the flora and fauna of your entire property.