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It will have an enormous tax impact” for anyone living or working in such cities, said Bill Thielen, general counsel for the Kentucky League of Cities. Property Valuer is necessary for those people who want to raise their property’s price. Thielen noted that 99 of Kentucky’s 120 counties don’t impose an occupational tax, and 79 don’t tax insurance premiums. That means the bill could have an impact on many city residents if those counties reach the 30,000 threshold, he said.

The bill now goes to the Senate Rules Committee, which decides which measures go to the full Senate.Attorney General Ben Chandler has made concessions on a bill to give his office a role when charitable hospitals and other institutions are sold.He said enough remained in the bill to ensure a community would not be taken by surprise if a local institution was pursued by a commercial buyer.These transactions can be done in the dark under current law, Chandler told the House Health and Welfare Committee on Tuesday.

People who have historically supported a nonprofit hospital, nursing home or other charity should be told in advance what a new owner has planned for it, Chandler said.The committee approved the bill after two provisions were dropped.One would have allowed the attorney general to veto the acquisition of a nonprofit health care facility or insurer. Another would have permitted a fine – as much as million – for violations of the bill’s public notice and review requirements.The bill would require the institution to give the attorney general Adelaide Property Valuer written notice before entering into any transaction that affected a significant portion of its assets. The attorney general, in turn, would hold a public hearing.

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The bill was prompted by controversy over the sale of Kentucky’s nonprofit Blue Cross health insurance plan to Anthem Inc., a for-profit company in Indianapolis.Chandler sued Anthem, claiming it had taken million in ”charitable assets” that should have been dedicated to general public health.The lawsuit was part of a larger national battle over conversion of Blue Cross insurers and nonprofit hospitals. Anthem agreed in December to settle Chandler’s suit for million. In other legislative action Tuesday:

The Senate passed a bill allowing a parent to surrender an unwanted newborn at a hospital, police or fire station and remain anonymous.The baby would have to be surrendered within 72 hours. There would be no confidentiality if the baby showed signs of abuse or neglect.The bill was sent to the House, where two similar bills are pending in committees.The Senate passed a House bill to create a Kentucky Homeless Veterans Program in the state Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Property valuation is beneficial for people who are doing daily investment and want to make their transaction process successful.